Dgp Dog Gone Pain For Dogs-Chewable

Aches and pains reduce your dog's enjoyment of life and our enjoyment of their company. Running, walking, getting into the car or just rising to greet you become painful ordeals. Let DGP™ (Dog-Gone Pain) help your dog become the same carefree and playful member of the family he or she used to be and wants to be again. DGP was developed by leading Australian veterinarians & herbalists. It's a complete, all-natural formula that revitalizes older dogs physically and mentally:

 Supports joint function
 Enhances mobility and demeanor
 Brings out the "puppy" in your dog


Feverfew, Celery Seed, Wheatgrass, Boswelia, Bromelain, Papain, Corydalis Root, Cayenne, Turmeric, Shark Cartilage and a Proprietary Blend of Native Australian Herbs.

Each bottle of DGP contains 60 great tasting chewable tablets.

Give dogs or cats one tablet for every 30 lbs. Of body weight daily. For dogs or cats under 15 lbs, use ½ tablet daily.